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Issues for Justice Impacted Individuals:

  1. Being referred to as an "offender"
  2. Removal of Humanity 
  3. Not receiving a Livable Wages 
  4. Limited use of Progressive Justice Solutions
  5. Housing and Employment Discrimination
  6. Re-entry programs being led by Law Enforcement, County Sheriff, Organizations that receive their directives from Law enforcement.


Voter Empowerment Guide:

Our members path to Voting Rights Regaining your right to vote as a Justice-Impacted Individual in Minnesota can be straightforward. Our Minnesota Voter Empowerment Guide provides you with all the necessary information and steps to restore your voting rights.

Eligibility: In Minnesota, as a justice impacted individual, your right to vote is automatically restored once you are on parole or probation. You do not need to apply to have your voting rights restored.

Steps to Regain Voting Rights: Completion of time served behind the wall will ensure you have completed the necessary parts of your conviction to vote.

Important If you are currently on parole, probation, or supervised release you are eligible to vote.

Registration: Once you’re on any form of supervision, you must register to vote. You can do this online, by mail, or in person or contacting us.

Voting: After registration, you are eligible to vote in the next election.

Additional Resources:

Online Voter Registration

Mail-In Voter Registration Form

● FAQs on Voting Rights Restoration Support: Have additional questions or need further guidance? Reach out to J.I.I.V. E's expert team through Read More

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